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first DEFEAT. first ZONE. first REUNION. first SHOT.
Miracles Week: Day 1 » a day of FIRSTS


Miraclesweek Day 1-Tip Off :Generation Of Miracles first encounter with Kagami and most didn’t go so well =w=

Imayoshi Shoichi / Kuroko no Basuke 41.5


People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.


Kuroko trying to copy Aomine’s moves

Kasamatsu Week | Day Five - Leadership
"Idiot, what are you saying? You’re our ace, aren’t you? It’s the ace’s job to lead the team to victory, but don’t bear responsibility if we lose. That’s the captain’s job.
All you have to do is keep looking forward.”

ぎゅっぎゅ by なと。

ぎゅっぎゅ by なと。

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